Let us handle your foundation crack issues in Cumming, GA

Repair basement wall cracks before they lead to physical damage.

Cracks in basement walls are not simply unsightly, they can lead to serious damage. Left alone, these cracks open up the possibility of water seepage, which may not only result in mold growth but also weakening of the wall's structural integrity. In a finished basement, obvious signs of water seepage will be evident in discolored or warped moldings, mold growth on carpets, and damage to furniture near the site. It is important to seal the cracks before they lead to more expensive foundation repairs. At Archie's Veteran Waterproofing, we specialize in waterproofing your basement walls before the cracks allow the seepage to enter your home or threaten your foundation. You can turn to Archie's Veteran Waterproofing for concrete crack injection services in Cumming, GA. All of our injection services come with a 10-year warranty for your peace of mind.

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Signs that a crack needs waterproofing

• Visible Dirt/clay streaks around crack
• Light white staining around a crack (evidence of phosphorus left from water)
• Water pools in front of the wall
• Discoloration of molding in finished basements

Our waterproofing technique
At Archie’s Veteran Waterpfoofing, we use a low pressure injection method. This allows the polyurethane mixture to inject completely into the crack from the bottom to the top, completely filling the crack. The resulting bond between the polyurethane and the concrete creates an effective repair and deterrent to moisture. Then, the repair is sealed with an epoxy coating. Though other companies may suggest a high-pressure injection, this low pressure injection method is preferred. High pressure injection requires drilling into the wall, causing additional pressure on the wall and opening up the possibility of concrete debris entering the crack, resulting in failed bonding of the polyurethane mixture with the concrete, and thus, the high-pressure injection fails to provide adequate waterproofing qualities.